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Pressing Mat for Ironing & Quilting

Pressing Mat for Ironing & Quilting

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🌿【Pure & Natural】100% New Zealand Wool - 100% wool, fleeced and tightly felted to make the Love Sew Wool Pressing Mat the perfect ironing surface for all your quilt block and fabric pressing needs.

🌿【No More Sprays】Steam or other sprays are unnecessary because the wool absorbs moisture from the air as heat is applied.

🌿【Double-Sided Pressing】It creates an additional heat source underneath your fabric, giving you crisp precision as you iron.

🌿【Everyone Has One】One of those investments and tools you won't want to be without whenever you sit down to sew.

🌿【Perfect Thickness Retains Heat】All mats are 1/2" thick.

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