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Mesh Laundry Bags - 5 Pack

Mesh Laundry Bags - 5 Pack

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Product Code: ISS04

EAN: 5060250438867

🌿Mesh Laundry Bags for washing machines are made from heat resistant, flexible, durable, and breathable polyester fibre material. Each pack contains 5 wash bags. 25x30cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 50x50cm, & 60×60cm.

🌿Synthetic textiles, such as fleece jackets, release tiny plastic fibres into wastewater after washing.  Laundry Bags capture these fibres and prevent them from escaping.

🌿Mesh Laundry Bags are perfect for protecting all your delicate clothing, such as wools & silks, prolonging their lifetime, and keeping them looking like new for longer.

🌿Mesh Laundry Bags are also the ideal travel organiser bag. Separate your dirty clothes, put them into the relevant wash bag, then directly into your washing machine when you get home.

🌿 Mesh Laundry Bags have see-through mesh which makes it easy for you to store and find your clothes, keep them safe, and prevent them from getting lost. This also simplifies security checks at airports, which may get you through faster.

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