Ayrshire – ‘in small steps’

Small Steps - Boswell's Coach House

Ayrshire ‘in small steps’ is a fun way of getting out and about, perhaps getting a bit of excersize and if you want, raising some funds for a very worthwhile charity – the Ayrshire branch of the Samaritans.

If you are the competitive type, you may want to climb the many ‘steps’ which will eventually be listed on the site, add up the combine heights and climb you own personal ‘Everest’. OR you may want to tick them all off, like a ‘Munro Bagger’. Whatever you choose, we hope that you will have fun.

Boswell's Coach House

Why Ayrshire Samaritans?

For the past two years, Ayrshire Samaritans has been the chosen charity of the Councils in Ayrshire. This support has made a big difference to Ayrshire Samaritans, but as they come to the end of this period of support, they are looking at ways of keeping up the services that this support has provided.

This project is not yet officially launched, the launch will take place later in the year. We have various plans for fundraising and these will be listed on this site as they are agreed. We will be producing a ‘Step Listing’ card which will list the various locations and which you might want to use to tick them off as you visit them. As this website develops we will provide information to help you to monitor the height that you have climbed – in small steps of course.

Donations to Ayrshire Samaritans is NOT compulsory. You may choose to donate to your own favourite charity or participate for fun – BUT – funds raised by Registration Fees and Card Purchases are for Ayrshire Samaritans who are Partners in ‘Ayrshire in Small Steps’. How much you choose to donate is up to you. You might consider a ‘Penny a Foot’ or ‘5p a metre’ to be a good incentive to get you climbing – but the choice is yours.

We will also be looking for help from individuals, groups and organisations who would like to be In Small Steps Sponsors or In Small Steps Supporters.

Small steps inside the Boswell's Coach House cafe area

The value of ‘Small Steps’ goes beyond money of course. Small Steps can make a BIG difference in all kinds of ways. Few of us are ever going to climb Everest, and for most of us the challenge is daunting. But even the longest journey starts with one small step. Don’t be put off by the challenge; be inspired and take those few small steps. You may be surprised how far you will go.

Ayrshire Samaritans can also make a huge difference in small ways. They provide a listening ear to people who may feel that the challenges they face are impossible. Read more about the work of the Samaritans on the Samaritans page on this website or on the main Samaritans website.